WASA plants, supply affected by heavy rain


The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says customers in parts of northeast Trinidad would be affected by an interruption in work after heavy rain on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

In a statement, it said the downpour affected facilities at: Tompire, Aripo, Gunanapo, Caura, Luengo and Naranjo, and the Acono water treatment plants.

Areas affected as a result include Toco, Valencia, parts of Arima, El Dorado, parts of Tacarigua and Maracas, St Joseph.

“The affected facilities are expected to return to service when conditions normalise at the various locations,” it said.

It warned customers to manage their water, as it may take up to 24 hours for their scheduled pipe-borne water supply to be restored.

WASA said the water currently being supplied through its distribution system is safe and complies with the guidelines for drinking-water quality of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Chairman of the Tunapuna Regional Corporation Kwasi Robinson said he had received five reports for the morning, including flash flooding on the road in Caura Valley and Maracas Valley.

He said Lover’s Lane, a low-lying community along a riverbank in Wallerfield, Arima, also experienced some flooding.

“It is an unplanned development up there, so we expect adverse conditions whenever rain falls,” he said.

He said there was also one report about the ground floor of a house on Arima Old Road, but he had not received any reports of major incidents or instances of property damage resulting from flooding.

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