CoP increases police patrols before curfew


Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith. –

There will be an increase in police patrols and roadblocks from Monday night says Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

“We will have many roadblocks, we will be doing DUI testing and we will be doing speed tests as well to put an end to irresponsible behaviour,” Griffith said.

In a release, the Commissioner said he noticed an increase in traffic, about two hours before the start of the daily 9 pm curfew.

Griffith said the roads become more congested as the start of the curfew approaches and motorists become more anxious.

“We have seen a pattern of dangerous driving on the roads as they try to reach their destination,” Griffith said in the release.


Griffith at a media conference on June 14 pointed out behaviour of some motorists which he described as reckless.

“It’s a dangerous situation out there as such behaviour puts the lives of errant drivers and other motorists at risk. The highway has become a race track just before the start of the curfew so we will have to peg back that behaviour.”

Griffith said since the start of the State of Emergency which began on May 16, police have encountered several people racing to get home, however in many cases people have consumed more than the legal limit of alcohol.

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