Moruga fire victim out of hospital


Avalon “Wang” Paul’s house was gutted by fire on July 18. Photo courtesy a close relative –

Avalon “Wang” Paul, the Moruga man who rushed into his burning house to save his 19-year-old son from a possible fiery death, was discharged from the hospital.

“Wang got second-degree burns to 18 per cent of his body, the doctors said. He is coming along very well. His hands are in bandages, and he is moving about,” a relative who asked not to be named said.

“Right now, he is in Penal Rock Road visiting Bulbee (a relative).”

Paul, of Basse Terre Village, was discharged last week Monday from the San Fernando General Hospital. The father of five sells market produce at the roadside near his home at Samuel Street.

He and his son, Marlo Mohammed, lived in the now-destroyed wooden house.

On the night of July 18, Paul saw the house on fire while in his stall. Thinking his son was asleep inside, Paul ran in to save him and was burned.

However, his son was not at home.

Paul was taken to the hospital by ambulance and initially was in a critical condition.

The homeless father and son are staying with relatives in the community.

The relative said, “He was using a ventilator in the intensive care unit at the hospital. I never talk to him about the fire itself because I do not want him to keep going back to that moment. The family is looking to see how everyone can help.”

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Moruga police are continuing investigations.

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