Too soon to discuss gatherings of fully-vaccinated


Dr Avery Hinds –

Technical director of epidemiology Dr Avery Hinds has said it was too soon to begin discussing the possibilities for gatherings of fully vaccinated people.

During the Ministry of Health’s virtual press conference on Tuesday, Hinds said, “It’s a little too early in the game to start looking at what gatherings would look like in a vaccinated group, in a population where the vast majority of the population have not yet been vaccinated.”

He said the government is still working towards higher levels of coverage.

“Right now, we cannot plan a gathering for vaccinated individuals. We are going to need to see what happens in the near future with respect to introduction of new variants (and) the behaviour of the population when they are better vaccinated before we start to think about whether to make changes or not. It is still early days.”

Private gatherings are currently limited to five people, with exceptions for funerals and weddings, where up to ten people are allowed.

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