Amcham pleased with reopening of industries


Nirad Tewarie, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago. – Picasa

The American Chamber of Commerce TT (Amcham) is pleased with the Prime Minister’s announcement that cinemas, restaurants, casinos, fitness centres and bars will be reopened to vaccinated members of the public on October 11.

The PM made the announcement during a press conference at the Diplomatic Centre on Thursday.

Amcham’s chief executive officer Nirad Tewarie told Newsday, “We think that this reopening is a step in the right direction and a positive move as it gives clarity to businesses.”

But apart from the reopening of businesses, Tewarie is also excited that the government will be working on digital vaccine passports.

“We look forward to these digital vaccine passports as it would be a tool that would be quite helpful in implementing these vaccination policies moving forward.

“We note that Amcham will be working to help digitise some of the outstanding vaccination forms building on the good work that we did at out vaccination sites where all our forms were digitised.

“This is in an attempt to ensure that we have the data to allow for vaccine passports.”

With the current 9 pm-5 am curfew being adjusted to 10 pm-5am from Monday, Tewarie said this, too, was a step in the right direction.

He sees the adjustment of the curfew time as the government trying to balance the covid19 risk while increasing economic activities.

“It’s now up to the population to behave responsibly so that we can show that even when things are freer than they were, we are doing our part to curb the spread of covid19.

“We still have to act responsibly and do things that are sensible given the circumstances.

“More people getting vaccinated will also help because even if there are cases, as more and more people get vaccinated the severity of the cases should be reduced.

“With this, hopefully we’ll see more economic activity little by little.”

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