One dead, two arrested after Santa Cruz clash with police


File photo

One man is dead and two others in custody after a confrontation with police in Santa Cruz on Sunday afternoon.

Police said members of the North Eastern Division Task Force were monitoring a car at Sun Valley Road, Lower Santa Cruz, at around 5.30 pm after receiving a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area.

Police saw the car approaching and positioned their car to prevent it from getting away.

The other car crashed into the front of theirs.

One of the men then got out and reportedly pointed a gun at the officers. They shot the man, who ran off, but they found him a short distance away.

Police also found and arrested two other men, 20 and 23, from Picton Road, Laventille.

The wounded man was taken to the Mt Hope Hospital, where he died at around 5.53 pm. He was identified only as “Butters.”

Police found a Smith and Wesson pistol with four rounds of ammunition and a Beretta pistol with five rounds of ammunition under a floor mat in the car.

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