Man shot on Lara Promenade


Looking east from Henry Street on the Brian Lara Promenade, Port of Spain. Photo by Jeff Mayers

LIMERS and evening shoppers in the heart of Port of Spain a couple of hours before the 10pm curfew were shocked as a man was gunned down in full public view on Friday night.

It happened at 7.55 pm on Independence Square, opposite a bakery near the corner of Charlotte Street.

Five shots in quick succession barked out, leaving the man on the ground, barely holding on to life. Onlookers crowded around him. He was of African descent, with a very dark complexion and a very muscular and stocky build and might have been in his thirties. He wore a white jersey with a red bandana around his neck. One said he worked in a bakery.

Onlookers expressed their shock at the crime.

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