Seven dead, 194 more covid19 infections


Image courtesy CDC

SEVEN more people have died from covid19 and 194 more contracted the virus, the Ministry of Health update said on Friday.

The country now has 4,232 active cases. Since last year 50,903 people have been infected, of whom 45,182 have recovered.

Some 1,489 people have died.

There are 290 people in hospital, 68 in step-down facilities, 142 in state quarantine and 3,680 in home self-isolation.

In all 353,373 people have been tested for covid19, of whom 152,796 were tested at private facilities.

The ministry said 95.5 per cent of people (or 3,050 out of 3,193) in the parallel health care system, which treats covid19 patients, were unvaccinated.

So far some 502,299 people are fully vaccinated, comprising 483,495 on a two-dose regime and 18,804 on a one-dose (Johnson & Johnson) regime.

Some 577,945 have taken the first of a two-dose regime.

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