NPTA wants Education Ministry to let all children return to school


Sixth form students of St Mary’s College. – File photo –

Interim chair of the National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) Zena Ramatali is urging the Ministry of Education to change its stance on reopening schools physically for vaccinated students only.

In a statement on Thursday, she described the decision as “learning segregation” by vaccination status and said it would cause more stress for schoolchildren. The NPTA argued that it would lead to inequity in the quality of education.

Ramatali said, “We are urging the ministry and its partners to review its position and allow every single child the right to pursue their free and fair education according to our Constitution.”

The statement said the NPTA is concerned about the welfare of parents and students surrounding the physical reopening of schools on October 4.

It said, “Our view accords that the decision (to vaccinate children) should respectfully remain within the remit of the parent.

“We can celebrate the successful vaccination of our children, but we cannot deny the anguish and trauma to a parent or child who have had adverse vaccination results. We believe, therefore, that the choice should reside with the stakeholders who would be most affected by their decision.”

It said even is someone is vaccinated, there is still the possibility of contracting and spreading the covid19 virus.

So, it concluded, “The NPTA wishes to inform all parents that we stand in solidarity with them as we reject the learning segregation of students because of their vaccination status.

“…we seek to achieve equity in the quality of education received by students regardless of their vaccination status.”

The statement said many parents have faced challenges caused by ongoing economic and social consequences of the covid19 pandemic.

“Households with children have been particularly hard hit by loss of income, increasing cost of living and delayed access to grants.

“These ongoing issues affect the mental health and well-being of our children. Public health measures to reduce the spread of covid19 has also led to disruptions in their daily lives, creating anxiety which is now further compounded by separating the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.”

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