Gas detected in downtown Wheatley, Ont., 6 weeks after explosion

Hydrogen sulphide gas has again been detected at the site of an explosion in downtown Wheatley, Ont., according to municipal officials, six weeks after an explosion injured 20 people and has displaced many residents and business owners.

The toxic, combustible gas was picked up by monitoring equipment at 4 a.m. ET Friday, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent said in a news release.

The municipality said that as of Friday morning, the gas is still being detected.

“Officials with gas detection equipment are continuing to monitor the perimeter of the evacuation zone. There has been no gas detected around the perimeter,” the release stated.

No additional evacuations have been ordered, but the public will be notified if the situation changes.

Various emergency officials are on the scene, including firefighters and the provincial hazmat team. Samples of the gas have been sent for analysis.

The Aug. 26 explosion destroyed two buildings and has displaced more than 100. They remain out of their homes and businesses.

A hydrogen sulphide leak is believed to be the cause of the blast, but officials have not yet located the source. 

Those displaced were told they could be out of their homes for up to six months.

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