11 more covid19 deaths, 248 new cases


Photo courtesy CDC.

THERE Have been 11 more covid19 deaths in Trinidad and Tobago. In its covid19 update on Sunday, the Health Ministry reported the total number of covid19 deaths now stands at 1,551. On Saturday, this figure was 15,40.

The ministry said there have been 248 covid cases reported between October 6 to 9 and the total number of covid19 cases from March 2020 to now is 52,728.

There are 46,790 recovered patients, 55 in step down facilities, 107 in state quarantine facilities and 3,819 in home self-isolation. There are 265 patients in hospital.

The total number of people partially vaccinated with the first dose of a two does covid19 regime is 596,696.

There are 520,993 people fully vaccinated with the second dose of a two dose regime and 25,539 fully vaccinated under a single dose regime. The total number of people with a completed vaccination regime is 546, 532.

The total number of people in the parallel health care system who are not fully vaccinated is 3,549 out of 3,732 or 95.1 per cent. The ministry said this figure is based on data from July 22 to September 22

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