Beetham sewer repairs progressing


Camerra Olliviere, 22, fell into the sinkhole in Beetham Gardens caused by a ruptured sewer line earlier on January 11. The hole has since been secured with fencing. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Work on the Beetham sewer pipeline project is in its final phase.

In a statement on January 19, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) said work is progressing speedily.

The statement said the first of three manholes was completed on January 17. Three manholes are being installed 19-26 feet beneath the road’s surface. Work on the second manhole is under way.

The final phase of the project includes rejoining two lateral sewer connections, interconnecting the new pipeline system and decommissioning the existing concrete sewer main. The statement said remedial and restoration work, including road restoration, will also be done.

Beetham residents have been frustrated since a sewer ruptured in August, caused a sinkhole and allowed sewage to spout through manholes on Main Street, Beetham Gardens.

The sinkhole was reportedly 15 feet across and 25 feet deep in September. Since then it has continued to grow.

WASA began repairing the hole on September 2. The repair work made the hole expand across the entire road, leaving it impassable. Traffic was diverted to the Priority Bus Route from the Beetham Estate Government Primary School to the Beetham Community Centre.

A Beetham resident fell into the hole on January 11. Cammeria Olliviere, 22, of Fifth Street was rescued by fellow residents and taken to hospital by the police. Other residents, including children, had to be taken to hospital and treated for rashes, headaches and nausea as a result of the raw sewage running through the streets.

Resident Gloria Harragin of Fifth Street was relieved that sewer water has not been running through the streets since Monday.

Cindy Olliviere, also of Fifth Street, said though there is no sewage pouring from manholes and running through the streets, the water in the area is still contaminated, so residents cannot use it.

She said, “How are we to cook, or even bathe, if the water is dirty like this?”

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