Five psychiatric patients, staffer at Scarborough Hospital have covid19


Scarborough General Hospital, Signal Hill, Tobago. –

The psychiatric ward of the Scarborough General Hospital has been temporarily closed for sanitisation after five patients and a staff member tested positive for covid19.

In a statement on Friday, the THA Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection said the established protocols have since been implemented, including contact tracing.

The division said the five patients have been transferred to the covid19 treatment facility at Fort King George, where they will continue to receive treatment for their mental health. The member of staff was allowed to isolate at home.

It said the sixth patient on the ward has been quarantined pending the results of a PCR test.

The division reiterated that patient care and safety remain its top priority. It said despite the temporary closure, psychiatric patients who require admission can be temporarily housed and treated at the Accident and Emergency Department.

Services will resume at the ward on Saturday.

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