Bomb threat delays Buccoo Reef sailing from Scarborough


Some of the passengers who were delayed after police were called in to search the Buccoo Reef at the Scarborough’s Port on Saturday. Photo by David Reid

News of a suspected explosive device on board the Buccoo Reef inter-island ferry on Saturday delayed the vessel’s 4 pm sailing from the Scarborough port to the Port of Port of Spain.

Up until news time, police and fire investigators were still searching the vessel and the Port Authority compound for the alleged device.

Passengers, many of whom had already boarded the Buccoo Reef, were forced to quickly evacuate the vessel and the port’s compound as news of the threat spread.

They were asked to assemble at the muster point at Port Mall during the investigation.

The Buccoo Reef from Tobago to Trinidad was delayed on Saturday due to reports of an explosive device on board. FILE PHOTO/DAVID REID

Divisional Fire Officer, Tobago, David Thomas, who spoke to Sunday Newsday at around 6.40pm, said, “We have the experts doing a sweep of the vessel. Subsequently, they will do a sweep of the building. Depending on what is discovered or not discovered, we will give information going forward.”

He said the entire compound was evacuated and security personnel were in place.

Thomas said the Fire Services got the call around 3.15 pm and quickly responded. They were joined by special branch officers and other security personnel.

He said provided nothing was discovered on the boat, it would have been cleared for sailing.

Up until news time, an official media statement from the Port Authority of TT had not been issued.

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