Chief Secretary to address Tobago’s high food prices


Chief Secretary Farley Augustine – Photo courtesy THA Department of Information

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine intends to address the issue of high food prices on the island.

Responding to questions from the media during Monday’s presentation of the association’s People’s Choice Awards to Viewport Supermarket at its Scarborough branch, Augustine said the issue has to be addressed and he intends to meet with the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT), as well as the Prime Minister on it.

He said while a lot of the factors are really outside of the reach of the association or proprietors, a lot require some government invention.

“Perhaps beyond having a conversation with the president of the supermarket association, that might be something I should agenda for my next conversation with the Prime Minister, because that might be a more appropriate place for us to start a discussion about how to treat with rising food prices and how we could just measure it in a way that makes food, especially basic food, available to all.”

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