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Melony Hunte, front, general manager and director, Viewport Supermarket, celebrates with staff after collecting the Supermarket Association of TT’s People’s Choice (Tobago) award at the Scarborough branch last Monday. – David Reid

Viewport Supermarket general manager Melony Hunte has credited her “awesome team” after receiving the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) People’s Choice – Independent Supermarket of the Year Award 2021, Tobago category.

As a ceremony on Monday at the Scarborough branch, SATT’s president Rajiv Diptee said, “The people’s choice award is something that was voted for by your customers, by your shoppers, and the fact that they have placed this confidence to make Viewport Supermarket Tobago’s supermarket of 2021 is something that you are to be rewarded for with the receipt of this trophy.”

He said the inaugural awards were meant to show appreciation for its members.

“Since the pandemic began in March 2020, we recognise that supermarket workers have been acting as frontline workers, they have been working non-stop, they have been regarded as essential and they were always considered to be placing their own lives at risk for their service to the communities, their service to the families, their customers, shoppers, and how much they try given everything.”

Viewport Supermarket general manager Melony Hunte at last Monday’s press conference. – David Reid

Hunte said, “We accept this award on behalf of our amazing staff, many of them have been with us for over ten years. We have an awesome team. The Canaan branch this is for you too – the warehouse staff, accounts staff, the Scarborough branch, take a bow; this is all about you, we can’t do this without you.”

Hunte said the award epitomises what the supermarket is about. “We always knew that Viewport is the people’s supermarket. We positioned ourselves to love up to our slogan – we’ve got a price to suit your pocket. Viewport is the place you go when your money is tight, you can always get $4.50 split peas, $6.50 flour, a mixed parts and a small piece of cheese. You can get these to go home and bubble a pot.”

As the country continues to battle the pandemic, Hunte pleaded with customers to maintain their safety.

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine said that despite the expansion of the supermarket, the quality of service remains.

“It is no surprise that Viewport was adjudged by the people of Tobago as the people’s supermarket and the people’s choice for supermarket. The prices tend to be most affordable; they are very available to all of your needs; they are responsive to questions asked.”

He said the progress of the business is an important lesson for small and micro enterprises.

“You are able to move to heights when you work together as a family.

“Let this award also be an incentive to the other supermarkets on the island. You have to up your game now because Viewport has one-up on you, and Viewport are showing off on you so let this be an incentive, not to be envious but to be even more competitive.”

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