Let’s clean up our city


FILE PHOTO: Woodford Square, Port of Spain. –

Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez made a strong call to city councillors, aldermen and the corporation to do better in 2022 to maintain and enhance the capital.

At the first statutory meeting for the year at City Hall, Port of Spain, on Friday morning, Martinez lamented the current state of historical sites, roads and infrastructure throughout the city.

Expanding the chamber at City Hall, the beautification of Broadway, creating a walk of fame to honour national heroes and managing and eradicating homelessness in the capital are the main items of the revitalisation plans for the city this year.

But Martinez devoted some time to urging better maintenance.

“We must ensure that our infrastructure is second to none, because we are the custodians of the infrastructure of Port of Spain and we must take that pride and move throughout 2022 and beyond.”

Martinez told his team he was disappointed by the customary lull between when a pothole develops and when it is repaired.

He said the corporation did not do well with maintaining the city, which would have contributed to clogged drains, severe flooding, deteriorating roads, sidewalks, parks and other infrastructural developments for which it is responsible.

“The infrastructure is not where it’s supposed to be, so we’re required to look after that. We need to ask ourselves how can we do better than that. Let us take charge and show leadership now.

“Those are our assets, and if we don’t take care of our assets, somebody else may want to take care of it for us. But it will not be ours when they take it over.”

Martinez called on his team to make a commitment to pay particular attention to the upkeep of Memorial Park, Lord Harris Square and Woodford Square.

“The water fountain at Woodford Square hasn’t been operating for years, but it’s like it’s nobody’s business.

“We are across from the Red House, museum, Hall of Justice, cathedral, and a historic library. We shouldn’t have to ask for trees nearby to be groomed. Let’s change that, please.

“There are things we see every day if you look around…Our purpose is not to walk in here and ratify minutes every month.

“When there is a pothole, we don’t even put a mark around it until it can be fixed. We see people working, some in uniform some not, but the corporation is paying for their service, and yet still we see nothing accomplished and it’s just swept under the carpet.

“The carpet is stinking now and we need to clean it. Let’s clean up our city. Whether we use it or not it’s ours, don’t take that lightly.”

He said the corporation must create a more efficient maintenance system, working closely with the Ministry of Works.

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