Government holds two-day retreat


Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga on his way to Parliament on June 16, 2021. FILE PHOTO/SUREASH CHOLAI –

GOVERNMENT will hold a two-day retreat at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s. It begins on Tuesday and ends on Wednesday.

Communications minister Symon De Nobriga said the retreat will involve Government parliamentarians who are Cabinet ministers and those who are not.

He said, “Yes, there is a retreat. Two days. Half day each day.”

De Nobriga added part of each day will involve meetings with Cabinet ministers. The other half will involve meetings with government MPs.”

After winning the August 10, 2020 general election, the Government held a three-day retreat from September 1-3, 2021 at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Blenheim in Tobago. That retreat happened before the presentation of the 2022 budget in the House of Representatives on October 4, 2021.

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