Day: February 1, 2022

‘A no-brainer’: Mining companies to relinquish thousands of claims in Yukon’s Peel watershed

Thousands of mineral claims in Yukon’s Peel watershed have been relinquished by mining companies. The Yukon government has struck agreements with seven companies, which, in turn, have forgone 5,031 claims — the majority of outstanding pre-existing claims located in protected areas. The agreements stem from the Peel land use plan. Signed in 2019, the plan […]

Experts leaning towards evolution of a seasonal infection and living with COVID-19 – Hamilton

With new modelling from Ontario’s Science Advisory Table suggesting the Omicron wave has plateaued in the province, some medical experts say there are signs society may be headed for a stage where we live with a form of COVID-19 on a regular basis. Some infectuous disease specialists have speculated the Omicron variant could shift COVID-19 from […]

Survey shows these Canadian cities have lost green spaces amid urbanization

Joni Mitchell was right – they really are paving paradise and putting up parking lots. Statistics Canada‘s first survey of urban green space shows that, just as the singer-songwriter warned, cities across the country are getting greyer and browner. Read more: Quebec environmentalists claim victory after plug pulled on Technoparc plant development “We did a […]

As anti-vaccine mandate protest enters 5th day in Ottawa, some worry about how it might end

As anti-vaccine mandate protesters continue to gum up downtown Ottawa, many are wondering how long police will let the protesters stay — and how they might eventually move them out. While many residents have been calling for an end to the noise and disruption caused by raucous demonstrations, observers are calling on authorities to avoid public […]

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