No leads in murder of Siparia woman, 64, three years later


Angela Mc Kenzie. –

Sunday marked three years since the murder of Siparia resident 64-year-old Angela Elizabeth Mc Kenzie, and relatives say they remain haunted by it.

The mother of five lived alone in a forested area off Quinam Road. She was hacked to death in the yard. She had seven grandchildren. Several close relatives, including two of her adult daughters, now live in the house.

Mc Kenzie’s daughter Donna said numerous times when she is home, she goes into her own world thinking about her mother’s demise.

“It is always on my mind. I think about my mother a lot. Maybe if she had died from sickness, it would not be bothering me this much. Sometimes I would just sit and be in dreamland, wishing she was here. Everybody is coping in their own way,” Donna told Newsday by phone on Monday.

“What could she have done that was so bad for someone to murder her? We (relatives) are not hearing anything about the investigation, and no one has been charged.”

Mc Kenzie, a gardener, was a well-known parishioner of the La Divina Pastora RC Church in Siparia.

On Sunday, a priest remembered her during a prayer service at the church.

Donna also recalled speaking to her mother in a dream.

“I asked where she was, and she said she is gone. She told me to move on with my life and to remember that she will always be our mother.”

At Mc Kenzie’s funeral on February 6, 2019, two priests – Frs Martin Sirju and Alan Hall – praised the “profound woman” for her strong faith and love for people.

Police confirmed that no one had been charged and Homicide Bureau Region III police are continuing investigations.

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