Killers in Fyzabad double murder still at large


Marvin Cross. –

Police believe the killers in the recent double murder at Fyzabad might also be the same ones who shot and killed another resident about three weeks before.

The suspects were still at large up to Friday afternoon, and police linked the two sets of killings.

The latest victims, Worlene Joseph, 67, and Marvin “Earl” Cross, 47, had no criminal history and were not suspected of being involved in any crime.

Joseph, also called Caribbean Fox and Pieman, lived alone at Dubarry Street Extension, Fyzabad. He was the father of two adult children.

Cross lived with relatives, a short drive away, at Khan Trace.

The two were shot dead around 1.25 am on Tuesday at Joseph’s home. Residents saw Joseph’s body on the floor, with a gunshot wound to the neck, in the gallery and Cross’ body under the house. A 41-year-old woman, who was at the house, was shot in the back but survived. Police said she is recovering.

Worlene Joseph. –

On January 13, Desmond Rawlins was shot dead on the roadside at Khan Trace. Reports are the driver of a white car pulled up next to Rawlins, and two gunmen got out and shot him. Rawlins fell into the drain, and the killers returned to the car and drove off.

Unlike Joseph and Cross, who police considered law-abiding citizens, Rawlins had a long criminal record for offences like rape and assault. Rawlins, a fisherman and food vendor, lived at Winston Campbell Street, a short distance away from where he died.

Anyone with information about these murders can call the police at 555, 999 or Crime Stoppers at 800- TIPS (8477), Fyzabad police at 677-777 or make a report via the TTPS app.

South Western Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.

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