6 deaths, 505 new covid19 cases


Image courtesy CDC

For a second day in a row, the Ministry of Health has reported TTs lowest daily covid19 death total for 2022, with six deaths. There were, however, 505 new cases.

There have been 3,460 deaths to date. Of the total number of deaths, the ministry said 2,827 were not fully vaccinated, 216 were, and 390 had died before May 2021, when the first group of vaccinated people became fully vaccinated.

It said of the six recent deaths, five had multiple comorbidities and one had no known medical conditions.

There are 471 patients in hospital, 15.9 per cent of whom are fully vaccinated and 84.1 per cent who are not.

The ministry said 49.6 per cent of the population was now fully vaccinated, amounting to 694,910 people, with 705,090 people not fully vaccinated, and 115,561 who have been administered booster shots.

It said 91,414 patients have recovered from the virus, 40 have been discharged from public health facilities, and 346 have recovered from community cases.

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