He was killed after a hard day’s work


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Relatives of murdered labourer Rodnel John say they were still in disbelief after he was gunned down with two other people on Saturday night.

John, 33, was shot dead with cousins Joseph Spring and Kevin Kyle Spring, 15.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday, John’s relatives recalled their last conversations with him.

One relative said John worked hard cutting grass on Saturday and went to collect water for his children when they did not receive any water in their taps for the past two weeks.

“He said he was going to get water for his children, but I don’t know if he limed for a short while or took a quick job before he went back home.

“Then they said they (the gunmen) went for some man and shot him innocently, that is hard!

“If he was a killer or a thief I wouldn’t mind he died that way, but to know he worked so hard for his children and they took him away from them.”

“It is hurtful, I can’t question God but it’s painful because every time I close my eyes and I see him and on top of that he died feeling tired because he worked hard that day.”

Earlier reports suggest that Joseph Spring may have been the target of gunmen.

Relatives said they remembered John as a dedicated father who avoided confrontation and worked hard to support his four children.

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