San Fernando police, municipal cops make show of force Wednesday


San Fernando police and municipal police in large numbers during a joint anti-crime exercise in the city on Thursday. – Marvin Hamilton

San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello together with members of the municipal and regular police, took to the streets on Thursday afternoon as part of a massive anti-crime exercise.

As mayor and on behalf of the citizens of San Fernando, Regrello said he was happy by the response by the municipal and regular police.

Regrello said, “Last Tuesday, the Commissioner of Police was in San Fernando, and he made a very strong call for both entities to work hand in hand to ensure San Fernando remains safe.”

President at Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce (GSFCC) Kiran Singh joined the exercise at Library Corner and praised the officers for the joint initiative.

He referred to the murder of security officer Andy Alberto Macias Hosein, 33, at Ketan Jewellers on High Street where he worked.

“This is a welcome initiative, given the recent gruesome murder that happened in broad daylight,” Singh said.

“I think this (initiative) will inspire confidence back into the business community and shoppers to return to San Fernando to shop where it is normally very safe.”

Four bandits shot and killed Hosein during a robbery. Earlier this week, police arrested three suspects, 23,28, and 31, from King’s Wharf, San Fernando, and seized a quantity of jewellery.

The chamber president said the police presence has increased within the past few days with regular foot and mobile patrols.

“The business community, of course, continues to appreciate the hard work by the police. We (the business community) remained shocked over the murder and were very depressed. It was a one-off incident. These things do not normally happen in San Fernando,” Singh said.

“The store (Ketan Jewellers) reopened its doors, showing that the confidence still remains in investing in San Fernando.”

Insp David Lewis spoke on behalf of Southern Division police. He said regular police have a close relationship with the mayor and municipal police.

“We also work together from time to time. We keep regular meetings,” Lewis said.

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