San Fernando Hill still open for limited hours only


This group of friends who were the only ones visitors on San Fernando Hill, said they are happy for the re-opening. They visited on Carnival Monday to have a view of the city from above. Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Even though the limited opening hours for public recreational spaces like rivers and beaches were gradually rolled back over the past several weeks, restrictions at the San Fernando Hill remain in place.

When Newsday visited the site on Monday, an employee said it was only open to the public from 2-5.30pm.

The limited opening hours have been in place for the past several months under covid19 regulations.

Although San Feranando Hill is reopen, there were very few visitors when newsday visited on Carnival Monday. Photo by Marvin Hamilton

The employee added, “There is also some water problems on the hill, so that have to be fixed too. Because it don’t really have any water, that’s another reason for the time.”

California resident Abigail Henry was one of a handful of people who spent their Carnival Monday afternoon at the site.

As she admired the views of the city with two friends, Thomas told Newsday the site is one of her favourite places to visit.

She added, “The lookout is still closed off to the public, so that’s a kind of bummer. I think it (the hill) should also reopen to the regular time, so the public can have more time to enjoy the view better.”

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is responsible for the site’s maintenance.Contacted for comment, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat directed Newsday to speak with Conservator of Forests Denny Dipchandsingh who has oversight over the hill.

Newsday was unable to get a comment from Dipchandsingh.

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