Faris hails ‘phenomenal’ first day at new office


Newly-appointed Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Faris Al-Rawi, right, and the outgoing line minister Kazim Hosein, centre, chat with a staff member. –

FORMER attorney general (AG) Fairs Al-Rawi said he had a “phenomenal” first day in his new office as he officially began duties as Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

Last Wednesday, there was a major Cabinet reshuffle which saw Al-Rawi being moved to this ministry while General Reginald Armour, SC, was named the new AG.

In a Facebook post on Friday, wich included photos of him meeting his new team members, Al-Rawi said he was “putting people first from day one.

“I must say that I had a phenomenal first day, the excitement was unbelievable and I felt a sense of joy meeting my new team.

“The transformation of Local Government is underway in addition to a massive digitalisation drive across every sector of this ministry.”

He gave a “special shout out and thanks” to the former line minister, Kazim Hosein, who will now serve as Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries. The former minister, Clarence Rambharat, resigned.

Al-Rawi added, “The heart of TT is our people and I intend to put people at the very centre of development.”

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