Presbyterian church congratulates scholarship winners


Niall Hosein, President’s Medal winner from Naparima College. – Lincoln Holder

Thirty-three national scholarship winners from schools under the Presbyterian church have been praised for their performance in last year’s CAPE examinations.

A total of nine students from St Augustine Girls’ High School earned scholarships (four open, five additional), nine students from Naparima Girls’ High School (three open, six additional), eight students from Naparima College (six open, two additional) and seven students from Hillview College (one open, six additional).

In addition, Niall Hosein of Naparima College was also awarded the President’s medal.

In a release, the church said that along with the Presbyterian Secondary Schools Board of Education, it has “always engaged in all-round holistic education and have aimed at not only academic excellence but spiritual and moral excellence.”

“At our schools, we ensure that an ethos of moral and spiritual values is instilled in all students…We are grateful for the amazing commitment displayed by our administrators, teachers, parents and students during these unprecedented times.”

The release said all schools will continue to “mould” students to think logically, critically and become nation builders and caring people.

“Education as transformation, should not only make our youths brighter but better human beings and worthy citizens of our nation.

“Even in times of the virtual classroom, through God’s grace, our children came out victorious. Our schools undoubtedly helped their students tap into their potential and emerge as the best versions of themselves while retaining their individuality and creativity. That’s the strength of the denominational schools.”

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