Five inmates escape Golden Grove prison, one recaptured


Anthony Seepersad. – TTPS

A manhunt is underway for four inmates of the Golden Grove prison, Arouca, after they escaped custody on Sunday night.

Theon Thomas. – TTPS

Police said the men, Kurien Douglas, 26, Theon Thomas, 23, Anthony Seepersad, 28, Shaquille Drayton, 30 and Kevin Jagdeo, 32, got out of their dormitories and escaped the compound some time after 11 pm.

Newsday understands Jagdeo was held by police in Trincity shortly after.

Kurien Douglas. – TTPS

The four prisoners are all from the Carrera prison and were at the Arouca prison for a rehabilitation course. They were discovered missing at about 11 pm from a dormitory.

Shaquille Drayton. – TTPS

Sources, up to Monday morning, were unable to say how the men were able to escape.

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