Prison escapees plead guilty, sentenced to two years


RECAPTURED: Kevin Jagdeo.

Four of the five prisoners who escaped from the Golden Grove prison, Arouca, on Sunday night appeared before an Arima magistrate on Tuesday to answer charges of escaping lawful custody.

Police said Kevin Jagdeo, 32, Theon Thomas, 23, Kureem Douglas, 26, and Shaquille Drayton, 30, appeared before magistrate Brambhanan Dubay in the Arima Magistrates First Court.

RECAPTURED: Theon Thomas

The men pleaded guilty and were sentenced to two years and eight months each.

Up to 9 am on Wednesday Anthony Seepersad remained on the run.

Police said Seepersad was sighted in Crown Trace, Tacarigua, on Tuesday night, and there were prepared to “intensify the search.”

RECAPTURED: Shaquille Drayton.

RECAPTURED: Kureem Douglas.

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