PNM Tobago blanks media from Nomination Day for internal elections


In this December 2021 file photo, PNM Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine, second from left, leads a group of candidates on Nomination Day in Calder Hall. Photo courtesy PNM

The PNM Tobago Council’s election supervisory committee has said the media will not be allowed to cover the party’s Nomination Day on Monday, ahead of its April 24, 2022 internal election.

In a statement on Friday, the committee said its nomination process will be held at its Robinson Street, Scarborough headquarters, between 10 am and 5pm.

It said media personnel will not be allowed to cover or attend the nomination process, but “information would subsequently be corresponded to the media.”

Asked the reason for this decision, outgoing general secretary Yolanda George Beckles told Newsday, “After the nomination process, we will release the names to the media, because you may find that you may not be accepted by the committee. So after the process on Monday, we will publish the names and positions of persons.”

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