Safe zones lifted, no PCR test for travellers to enter


A gym member works out at Gulf View Health and Fitness Centre in La Romaine. Festrictions on safe zones such as gyms will be lifted as of April 4, allowing the vaccinated and unvaccinated to congregrate. – Marvin Hamilton

The Prime Minister has removed most covid19 restrictions, as the number of infected cases has declined.

On Saturday, at a media conference held at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s ,Dr Rowley said the nation was operating under different circumstances today when compared to last year.

Rowley said, “I met with the health team, we did meet yesterday in a very detailed meeting, and today we are in a position to report to you that given the nature of our experience, given what we know of the dominant variant, given what we know of how the population is responding from a clinical standpoint, given what we know about our hospital preparations and infrastructural arrangements in place — we will as of today remove much of what we had in place when we dealing with a more threatening environment.”

Among the changes are:

— The acceptance of antigen tests for people entering the country. This will come into effect on Sunday. The travel pass system remains in place.

— Safe-zone operations have been dismantled, though masks must be worn in a public space except for sporting activities where they remains optional but carry no legal requirement. The legal requirement remains in other public spaces.

— All restrictions to beaches and rivers have been removed. This comes into effect on April 4.

— There is no limit to public gatherings effective April 4.

— Students will return to physical schooling in April.

Rowley said, “TT was moving very quickly to a situation where the covid restrictions in totality will be removed.”

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