Pump repair at WASA’s Siparia plant stalls


Emergency repairs to one of the pumps at the Siparia Water Treatment Plant has hit a snag and has delayed the resumption of water supply hundreds of customers in that district.

In a statement, WASA said there has been “an unforeseen delay in the completion of emergency repairs” but did not give an estimation of when the pump will be repaired.

The work was scheduled to have been completed on Monday.

Among the affected areas without a pipe borne supply are:

Quinam Road, Sennon Village, Railway Road, Lower Mary, George and Victoria, Upper De Gannes, Lower Coora Road, Coora Hernandez Road, Coora Extension, Mendez, Saney Trace, Kay Trace, Prana Home Development, High Street, inclusive of all side streets.

WASA said a limited truck borne service will be available upon request and urged customers to contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420/26 for assistance.

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