Injured son, 9, told about mother’s death in Debe crash


Sarika Ramesar, 38, and her husband Mitra. –

As soon as doctors discharged nine-year-old Naveen Ramesar from the hospital on Thursday night, the accident survivor asked relatives to take him to see his parents.

Unknown to him, his 38-year-old mother Sarika Ramesar died the day before at the crash scene in Debe.

“Naveen thought that his parents were together and alive at the hospital. Relatives took him to his father (Mitra Ramesar), who broke the news in the hospital,” Sarika’s father Satnarine Ramharack told Newsday.

“When he heard that Sarika did not make it, Naveen cried.”

Ramesar, a jeweller, and his son were discharged from the San Fernando General Hospital on Thursday night.

They are recuperating at the family’s home at Mendez Village in Siparia.

Sarika’s father said despite Naveen’s grief and sadness, he smiled when he learnt he placed first in his end-of-term test.

Ramharack said: “When my son-in-law broke the (death) news, he also told Naveen that he got an A-plus in his exams, and he placed first in the class. Naveen was happy. He said, ‘Mummy really wanted to hear this.’”

Ramharack said his daughter was looking forward to visiting the Siparia Hindu School on Friday for Naveen’s test results. Naveen is in standard three.

“After the crash, Naveen’s teacher visited the family and told us that he had placed first. Sarika would have been pleased with her son. She always kept her son on the right track regarding his schooling,” Ramharack said.

The couple and their son were injured when a truck loaded with lumber slammed into the family’s Hyundai Tucson SUV on Wednesday around 4.30 pm.

The three were in the SUV which was parked on the shoulder of the southbound lane of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. The SUV developed a problem, so they parked and waited for roadside assistance when the crash happened.

The truck driver, 36, from Mayaro, told the police he had lost control of the truck. The truck driver was injured but was treated and discharged.

Ramesar’s father, Sammy Ramesar, 80, of Debe, died last Sunday of natural causes.

Southern Division police are investigating.

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