Search and rescue on for missing St Vincent crew in Trinidad and Tobago’s waters


Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds. File photo/ Jeff Mayers

A search and rescue operation is under way to find people from a Vincentian vessel which overturned in Trinidad and Tobago waters on Saturday.  National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and the Coast Guard  confirmed this on Sunday

In a statement, the Coast Guard said it received a report around 3.40 pm on Saturday that a Vincentian-registered vessel, the MV Fair Chance, with a seven-member crew, had overturned five nautical miles north of Monos island.

The vessel encountered rough seas off the north coast of Trinidad and subsequently overturned owing to the boat’s cargo shifting.

The Coast Guard said, “Two of the seven persons on board were rescued by a passing vessel and were handed over to the TTCG (TT Coast Guard) and taken to Staubles Bay where they were medically examined.”

The Coast Guard added that it “has deployed assets that are currently involved in rescue operations with the subject vessel.”

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