Funeral plans under way for Debe crash victim


Sarika Ramesar, 38, and her husband Mitra. –

Funeral plans for accident victim Sarika Ramesar, 38, are to be made before the end of the week.

Relatives said Ramesar’s husband Mitra Ramesar is first finalising Hindu rites for his father, Sammy Ramesar, 80, who died naturally days before his wife’s killing. The bandara ceremony, a ritual for the soul of the deceased to start its afterlife journey, is set for Tuesday.

“Mitra has to finish the rituals for his father first in Debe,” a relative said. “He is the main person to participate, being the only son of his father. Four others are doing the ceremony with Mitra. Each represents the body’s elements (earth, water, fire, wind, and space).”

Mitra and Sarika Ramesar and their son, nine-year-old Naveen, were injured when a truck loaded with lumber slammed into the family’s Hyundai Tucson SUV last Wednesday around 4.30 pm on the Solomon Hochoy Highway. The family’s SUV had developed a problem and they parked on the shoulder of the southbound lane of the highway. They were waiting for roadside assistance when the crash happened.

The mother of one died on the spot. The father and son, who live at Mendez Village in Siparia, survived.

The truck driver, 36, from Mayaro, told the police he had lost control of the truck. He was injured but was treated and discharged.

The driver has declined to comment.

Investigations are ongoing.

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