Why silence on power outage probe?


Princes Town MP Barry Padarth. –

PRINCES TOWN MP Barry Padarath is calling on Government to give a status on the investigation they claim was done into the islandwide blackout on February 16.

In a statement on Monday, Padarath said, “Over seven weeks have elapsed since the committee headed by Professor Sharma was established and the government is yet to advise the public on the status of the report.”

In a statement on February 18, then acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said an independent expert committee was formed to investigate the cause and national response to the power outage.

This committee was expected to report within one month.

Padarath called on Government to say if the report was finalised, if the findings were submitted to the Cabinet, if and when the report will be made public and when can the nation expect the report to be laid in Parliament.

Padarath is questioning the reason behind the protracted silence on the matter and he accused Government of a lack of transparency.

“It is evident for all to see that the Government is engaged in a cover-up with respect to the real reasons for the blackout.

Shortly after midday on February 16, all of Trinidad lost electrical power for over ten-hours. Tobago was unaffected.

Contacted for comment on Monday, T&TEC’s corporate communications manager Annabelle Brasnelle said, “The commission is unable to say when an update will be given (on the probe) as an independent committee is doing the investigation.”

Calls to the Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales went unanswered on Monday afternoon.

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