Attorney General meets Chief Parliamentary Counsel


Attorney General Reginald Armour, SC – JEFF K MAYERS

ATTORNEY General Reginald Armour, SC, has met with Chief Parliamentary Counsel Ian MacIntyre, SC, on Wednesday.

A media release from the Office of the Attorney General said the two men engaged in a “cordial meeting and discussions” in the Attorney General’s chambers at the invitation of Armour.

Both Armour and MacIntyre agreed to continue their discussion.

Last week, it was reported that MacIntyre’s legal representative Anand Ramlogan called on Armour to withdraw a March 16 letter in which his predecessor Faris Al-Rawi, sought disciplinary action against MacIntyre, on the very day Al-Rawi was removed as AG.

The letter was sent to Armour on March 18, by Jared Jagroo of Ramlogan’s Freedom Chambers. Armour was asked to review and reconsider the matter within 28 days.

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