Electrocuted man identified


File photo

A MAN who police said was electrocuted while trying to steal TSTT cables from overhead lines in Barrackpore on Saturday, has been identified as Casey De Silva, 23, of Aerides Drive, Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville.

Police said that at around 2 am, a security guard on duty at a businessplace in Rochard Douglas Road heard an explosion.

When he checked, he saw sparks coming the overhead lines and a man hanging across the high-tension cables and wires.

The estate constable called the police and a team of officers including ASP Bertie, Sgt Toussaint, Cpl Mycoo, Cpl Ali, PC Horsford and others responded. Police found two hacksaw blades, a hat and a backpack at the bottom of the pole.

TTEC officials in a statement said it is believed the man was electrocuted while trying to steal the cables. The incident caused a power outage which was restored at 6 am on Sunday. An autopsy will be done later this week and investigations are continuing.

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