PoS cops seize 289 rounds of ammo in Belmont


Police from the Port of Spain Division found and seized 289 bullets of different types and calibres while searching a bushy area in Belmont on Monday morning.

PORT of Spain police have found and seized a cache of ammunition of various calibre during an exercise in Belmont on Monday morning.

Police said they received information that ammunition was hidden in a bushy area in Serraneau Road, Belmont, and went to the area at around 8.30 am.

Police found a bag containing 115 rounds of 45 calibre, 110 rounds of 5.56 mm, 38 rounds of .38, 23 rounds of 7.62, two rounds of .40 and a single round of 9 mm calibre ammunition.

Police also found a drum magazine and two Uzi magazines. No one was arrested.

The exercise was co-ordinated by ACP Moore and Snr Supt Brandon John and led by Supt Daly, ASP Walker, Insp Knott and Sgt Chase with supervision from Sgt Alexander, Cpls Sookhoo, Thomas, Bristol.

Officers of the Belmont police station led by W/Insp Bain-Keller, Sgt Parris, Cpl Felix, PCs McAllister and Thomas also assisted.

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