Preparations heat up for A Taste of Buccoo


Jockeys and their goats race to the finish line at the Tobago Africans and Goat Owners’ 4th annual Goat, Crab Race and Calypso day in 2020. FILE PHOTO –

All roads lead to the Buccoo Integrated Facility on Tuesday as the community will present A Taste of Buccoo.

After a two-year break, visitors to the island will once again get the opportunity to enjoy goat and crab racing activities at Buccoo. But it will not be the major affair to which they have become accustomed as the community will host a scaled-down version of the popular event.

At a news conference at the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex penthouse in Scarborough on Thursday, electoral representative for the area Sonny Craig said things are happening.

“As we speak, the village is being prepared for the event – the roads are being paved, there is upgrades happening at the facility, the track is being serviced, the lawn is being watered and rolled, and it looks good that we are going to have a successful event this year.”

THA Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation cultural officer Jesse Taylor said with the lifting of the covid19 restrictions, the division would continue to use the opportunities to sustain and preserve the culture, ensuring that the cultural and tourism sectors on the island can be reinvigorated. He said his unit stands in solidarity and ready to provide the support.

“We have already began mobilising various sectors throughout Tobago, and in particular in Buccoo…

“We invite you to come take a taste of the melting pot. There would be a display – a street parade. There is a potpourri of culture, a potpourri of information, a potpourri of style, fashion, visual arts and, of course for a long time we haven’t had, the creole food. You can have all your delights and tastes fed at the auspicious occasion.”

Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) communications officer Zynara Llewellyn said all systems are in place to ensure safety at the venue.

“We would have collaborated with all our stakeholders, and they are on standby to ensure that everything is prepared for you, the members of the public.

“We have established a venue operations centre at the Buccoo Integrated Facility, there we would have all TEMA’s personnel where they would actually be collaborating all information, setting up all the logistics and all the necessary supplies for in the event of any disasters or emergencies.”

Head of the Tobago Police Division ACP William Nurse said more than 120,000 people are expected over the Easter weekend.

“On the sea, in the air and on the land – we are ready. I want to tell those persons who are coming to Tobago that Tobago is open and we welcome you. Tobago will be the melting pot for this Easter.

“I would like to caution people – Tobago is a very nice place and almost 50 per cent of the population is deeply religious. So when you come to Tobago, be on your good behaviour please. A beautiful occasion is planned for the Easter, and we would ringfence Buccoo on the Tuesday as we would do all of Tobago. The police is standing by to do its work.”

Craig was asked whether there would be any activities in the Mt Pleasant district over the weekend. Mt Pleasant became known for its annual goat and crab race activities on Easter Monday.

He confirmed activities are in train there as well.

“It’s a family-type, family day at Mt Pleasant grounds. There would be some Easter activities. It will not be as it is held every year – normally the village council at Mt Pleasant does a mega programme.”

He said he had planned to meet the organisers on Thursday afternoon after which more information would be made available.

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