Jurassic Park reopens for Toronto Raptors playoff game against Philadelphia 76ers

  • SCORE UPDATE: The Toronto Raptors trail the Philadelphia 76ers at the end of the third quarter of Game 1 of the teams’ first-round NBA playoff series.

The Toronto Raptors reopened Jurassic Park outside Scotiabank Arena for fans on Saturday after COVID-19 restrictions kept the courtyard closed for two years.

Thousands of fans poured into the the large courtyard on the arena’s west side to the Game 1 of the first-round playoff series between the Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers. The game itself is being held in Philadelphia.

Vera Perez said she’s happy to be able to the Raptors play once again in a public setting, but said she will still keep her mask on.

“I’m still 50-50, so that’s why I’m still protecting myself … I am not 100 per cent,” she told CBC News.

“I am vaccinated though … but hopefully this will go away, go away, you know. We have an elderly and we have young kids, so it’s better to be protected.”

Vera Perez says she’s happy to be able to the Raptors play once again from a public setting, but says she will still keep her mask on. (CBC)

Jessie Cabacos also had a mask on, but said he’s thinking less about COVID-19 — especially with the vaccines available.

He said he is more concerned about a Raptors win.

“It’s amazing. It feels great to be here. The energy is going to be amazing,” Cabacos said.

‘We’ve been waiting 3 years almost for this’

Velda Foster, who is attending the game with her son, Matthew Da Silva, said she is happy the pandemic restrictions are finally easing.

“We’ve been waiting three years almost for this. We were here the last time, so this is a homecoming,” Foster said. 

When asked if she was thinking about COVID-19 she said “no, not now. I think we’re good.”

“It’s outside, especially here in Jurassic Park, so just looking forward to seeing friendly faces and people that were here with us last time.

Velda Foster is watching the game from Jurassic Park with her son. She says she is happy COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are easing. (CBC)

Da Silva expressed similar sentiments. “I feel safe. It’s good to be back, though, and to see everybody. It’s nice again,” he said.

“But I do have a mask with me, so if I need to I can put it on. But I think we’re fine out here.” 

In previous playoff runs, Jurassic Park became a ubiquitous gathering for fans and gained widespread attention during Toronto’s run to an NBA championship in 2019.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, who is in COVID-19 quarantine at home, earlier proclaimed Saturday Toronto Raptors Day.


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