Minister applauds citizens for ignoring calls to protest


File photo: Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga.

Minister of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Symon de Nobriga applauded “right thinking” citizens for disregarding calls by the Opposition and other organisations to come out to protest against fuel-price increases.

Speaking on the TTT news on Tuesday night, de Nobriga said the vast majority of the public understands the ripple effect on TT’s economy from issues affecting countries around the world.

“The majority of the citizens of this country are right-thinking and are level-headed and they understand because we are not in an isolated or insulated population. For the most part, we see what is happening in the world and I think that the vast majority of our citizens understand TT’s position.

“We can have an honest conversation, hopefully, going forward about what that savings meaning to us. What does that money being used in productive means as opposed to unproductive use? What does that really mean to us?”

He also thanked the police for ensuring no law was breached during several protests throughout the day on Tuesday.

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