Slain Moruga painter planned to start job in Maraval


Peter Guerero –

Peter Guerero, the Moruga man gunned down on Tuesday night, had plans to start a new job the next day, painting a house in Maraval.

Painter Guerero, 44, also called Shortman, was shot dead in his house at La Lune Village. He was the father of two and lived alone.

Police found the body under his bed in his small wood-and-galvanise home on the beachfront. Relatives live in a house nearby.

His grieving brother Kirk Guerero told Newsday gunshots woke him at about 10.15 pm on Tuesday. At first, he was a bit disoriented and could not tell where the sound came from.

A friend phoned to say the gunshots seemed to have come from his property, but he assumed otherwise.

Kirk called his brother’s phone three times, but each time the call went straight to voicemail.

Residents had already called the Moruga police, and officers visited and began searching the area for the gunmen.

Kirk became worried when his brother did not respond to the calls. He alerted the police, and they went to look for Guerero.

“There were bullet holes on the galvanise, so I knew something was wrong. I saw him face down under his bed when I pulled the curtain,” the brother said.

Kirk said he had spoken to Guerero a few hours earlier. He added that Guerero planned to head early to Maraval to paint a house, having spoken to the owner.

His brother described him as a “cheerful and nice person” who did not have enemies.

The police do not have a motive for the murder and no one has been arrested.

Homicide Bureau Region III police are leading investigations.

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