Two dead, five wounded in Petit Bourg shooting


File photo

A GAME of cards took a deadly turn when two men were shot dead and five others wounded during a shooting in Petit Bourg on Thursday night.

Police said Anthony Richards, 27, and Nikoli McDonald, 20, were among a group of men playing cards at a house on Germaine Avenue, Upper Irving Street at around 11.15 pm when they were approached by gunmen who opened fire.

Residents heard the gunshots and called the police who went to the scene and took McDonald and the other wounded men to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where he was declared dead.

Richards died on the spot.

A team of officers from the San Juan CID, North Eastern Division Task Force, the North Eastern Division Gang Intelligence Unit and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II visited.

Crime scene investigators found 20 spent shells, 16 bullet fragments and 18 deformed bullets at the scene.

Two of the five men now warded at hospital are said to be in critical condition.

In an unrelated incident, police said a man identified as Corey Benjamin, was shot dead overnight in Auzonville Street, Tunapuna.

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