Ex-suspect in PC Gilkes shooting released


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Former suspect in the shooting of PC Clarence Gilkes was released from police custody on Sunday morning after the Director of Public Prosecutions advised recommended that no charges be laid against him.

Newsday understands the DPP advised the police to release Jehlano Romney.

Romney’s attorney Criston Williams said the DPP would have had to give permission for charges of murder to be laid against him.

“Where allegations were made against him by the police service, the DPP has to give permission before he could be charged for murder. The police officers would have conducted their investigation and presented that information and evidence to the DPP for his analysis as he considers whether to proffer a charge of murder or not.

“The DPP said no, no charges should be laid, so therefore he was released.

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob said the investigation into Gilkes’ death was ongoing.

“The investigating officers consulted the DPP and when the DPP looked at everything, he decided and advised the investigators to allow him to leave.

“By mid-next week, I would be able to respond on the status of the investigation. The Forensic Sciences Centre people are working assiduously to complete the ballistics because of the firearms we would have seized from the officers after the shooting…Other people need to be interviewed, everything needs to be done, and then we’d be able to speak more proficiently to the public about where we’re going with this.”

Gilkes, 44, was shot during a police exercise with other members of the Western Division Task Force on April 22.

Gilkes’colleagues claimed he was shot by gunmen in the area and a manhunt was launched for Romney who they said was the main suspect. An autopsy concluded Gilkes was shot in his neck from behind.

Romney then turned himself in to Homicide detectives in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

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