Gary Griffith launches political vehicle National Transformation Alliance


A screenshot of Gary Griffith’s launch of the National Transformation Alliance on Saturday. –

THERE is considerable interest by people to join the new National Transformation Alliance (NTA), according to the party’s political leader Gary Griffith hours after its social media launch on Saturday.

While the NTA is still in its formative stages and does not yet have an executive in place as yet, Griffith, the former police commissioner, hinted there has been considerable interest from experienced and high calibre people to join his party.

“The list is long and distinguished.”

Griffith officially invited citizens to join the NTA in a two-minute video shared on social media, where the NTA’s official symbol, a lighthouse, was shown for the first time.

Griffith said a key constant in his career in public life is “service to my country and to my people.”

Griffith served as CoP from August 18, 2018, to August 17, 2021. He claimed he was improperly removed from office on the basis of unsubstantiated reports of firearm corruption. Before that Griffith served as a national security adviser, government senator and national security minister at different times in the tenure of the UNC-led People’s Partnership coalition between May 24, 2010, and February 2, 2015.

He was a temporary opposition senator from October 17, 2002, to September 28, 2007. He served in the Defence Force for 15 years, reaching the rank of captain.

Griffith is also the holder of a master’s in security management from the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

“Being of service has always been a bridge to the light for me.”

Griffith said, “After engaging in numerous conversations, listening to many perspectives and reading your countless contributions. I am more than ever committed to the mission of improving our country through transformation and continued national service.”

The next phase of that mission is through the NTA.

While Griffith has publicly expressed his ambition to become TT’s next prime minister in March, he knows this is not a solo mission for him.

“No man is an island.”

He indicated there are many noble and visionary people who want to see change in TT.

For this reason, Griffith said, “I invite every citizen to register your interest and desire to assemble under the NTA banner to start the process of natl transformation for the good of our nation.”

People wishing to join the NTA are asked to WhatsApp Griffith at 482 Gary (4279) or send an e-mail to [email protected] As CoP, Griffith asked people to contact him on his cellphone to report serious crimes.

“I look forward to working with you for a transformed TT. Walk with me as we cross this bridge together.”

On April 13, Griffith said NTA will not be forming coalitions with any other party to contest any election.

“The reason why you form a political party is to ensure that political party has the best people, policies and programmes to ensure good governance.”

Griffith also slammed the tendency of some politicians to frequently play the race card. He said the NTA will not have people of that ilk in its ranks.

“Our intention is to unite the country. So, obviously, we are looking at persons who have similar views to us that we would welcome on board so that we can unite the country instead of dividing the country as we have seen with politicians in the past.”

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