Weeks after cyberattack, Massy cards still not working


Massy Stores Super Centre in La Romaine. Last Thursday, a cyberattack forced the closure of the supermarket chain’s 23 outlets. Photo by Lincoln Holder

ALMOST THREE WEEKS after a cyberattack crippled Trinidad and Tobago’s largest supermarket chain, Massy Stores, the supermarket’s loyalty points system is still not working.

Assistant VP of marketing and communications Candice Ali confirmed to Newsday on Tuesday that the system is still out of action.

“We are adding points manually for those who followed the protocol to either leave their bills with us or e-mail their bills,” Ali said.

She said customers can also contact Massy through its Massy Card direct line (737-1669) for clarification.

On April 28 Massy confirmed that its stores were the subject of a cyberattack which led to the shutdown of all 23 of its locations. The chain was fully reopened on April 31, the following Sunday.

Ali said an investigation is still ongoing and losses to the supermarket chain and the source of the attack are still being determined.

Massy assured the public that no customer, supplier or employee data was compromised or misused as a result of the cyberattack.

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