Burglar steals $51 from Princes Town mandirPrin


Craignish Shiv Mandir, off Naparima / Mayaro Road, Princes Town. – Lincoln Holder

A burglar broke into a mandir in Princes Town and stole $51.

On Tuesday evening, acting on a report, police went to the Craignish Shiv Mandir off the Naparima/Mayaro Road.

The police report said the burglar smashed the internet box connected to the mandir’s security system, then got into the building by making a hole in the roof.

The place was not vandalised, and no other items appeared to be missing.

The incident is believed to have happened early on Sunday.

Residents said for the past two days, the alarm had been going off. They were unaware of the burglary until they saw the police on Tuesday night and again early Wednesday.

Newsday spoke briefly with pundit Dahamindra Maharaj of the mandir, who said there was only petty cash in the building.

“In previous years, we have had several break-ins in which people stole many items. Those happened more than eight years ago.

“Since then, we do not leave money in the compound. The person who broke in got only petty cash,” Maharaj said.

No one has been arrested. PC Toondarsingh is leading investigations.

This was the second Hindu temple that has been broken into in the past few days.

Burglars vandalised and desecrated the Carapo Shiva Mandir between Friday night and Saturday morning. They stole several items and also cooked corned beef in pots.

On May 9, the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) condemned the act, labelling it a religious atrocity.

The SDMS Pandits Parishad is set to perform rituals to purify the mandir in Carapo on Thursday.

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