Point Fortin woman who saw Kimani walking moves out the area


Zoi Quan Kep arrives at the scene close to where Kimani Francis’ body was found on Tuesday. – AYANNA KINSALE

Zoi Quan Kep, the woman who reported seeing the now-dead infant Kimani “Mani” Francis roaming alone on a road in Techier Village, Point Fortin on Monday, has moved out the area.

Police were called in after outraged residents gathered at her home at Tenth Street Extension on Tuesday after finding the child’s body in a river.

Residents hurled obscenities and threw stones and other objects at the house, accusing her of failing to save the child.

On Tuesday night, while police dispersed the residents, she began packing items to go elsewhere as a temporary safety measure.

The woman, in a social media video, said her house was not close to the road. She said she tried, while speaking to the police on the phone, to follow the barefoot toddler who was wearing only disposable diapers.

Quan Kep lives a short distance away from where Kimani lived with his mother Kimberly Charles, 22, and extended relatives.

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