Murdered Curepe woman and nephew laid to rest


Familly members at the joint funeral for Norva Le Maitre and her nephew Kwasi Parris at the altar as the congregation prayed for the family at the Jesus Elam Revival Assembly International, San Juan on May 13. – PHOTO BY JEFF K MAYERS

The families of Norva Le Maitre and her nephew Kwasi Parris were urged to draw together in unity at the funeral service for their slain relatives on Friday.

Over 100 people turned out for the combined funerals, held at the Jesus Elam Revival Assembly International in San Juan.

The pair were killed on May 4 when gunmen chased Parris, 36, into his aunt’s home on Jackson Street in Curepe, and after shooting him, also shot Le Maitre, 68, who was hiding behind some plants and crates.

Parris’s aunt, who had to be supported by family members as she gave his eulogy, said she remembered many good times with Parris, who lived in her home for a time.

“I want us to remember Kwasi for the loving child that he was. He was caring and I know he had love in his heart for everybody. I hope that his brothers and sisters can come together and be much closer now that they have lost one. I think that should bring the family a little closer together. Our family, the Parris family, is a close-knit family, and I am hoping this does not give us any reason to separate but will bring us closer.”

Le Maitre’s great-niece Tishania read a poem in which she described her aunt as an angel who lived her children dearly and kept them nestled in her heart.

In delivering the eulogy, Le Maitre’s daughters, Precious and Keshia, said their mother was the epitome of grace and courage.

“My mother was my best friend.

“She found the perfect balance between work and family. Even though she worked during the week, she prioritised a family meal on a Sunday.

“She had a way of bringing you joy. There were so many ways to describe her: caring, supportive, loving, fashionable, and most of all she was our mother.

“There will be no more exotic Sunday lunches of pelau and coleslaw, no more pepper sauce for somebody, no more Hallmark movies.

“I am glad that our family came together to support each other at this time and will continue to do so thereafter.”

Officiant Pastor Vin said Le Maitre and Parris were not supposed to die in the way they did.

“I’m sorry to the family that this happened. The devil is a liar. God doesn’t put people here to die like that.

“I believe that they are resting with God in Paradise and you will meet them again one day.

“But to do that you have to be right with God, and you do so by living right and loving God, and living good in unity and in peace. I want to encourage the family members to live in unity with each other.

“Things have gone out of hand in society, like the devil is the boss, but God is the boss. There are so many murders, but God is still in control.

“We need to love one another and do better in this country. If the next homegoing service is yours, are you prepared to face God? What will you tell him?”

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